Dear 117s, dear Tablers, dear 41s, dear guests,

It has been six years since RT 117 Hanover could invite fellow tablers from all over Europe and beyond in order to celebrate its magical number. And now it is time to do it again!

The Members of Round Table 117 Hanover cordially invite you all to join us at our Numbers Meeting in one of Germany’s undisputedly most wonderful cities, Hanover.

Get together with brothers from Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden and don’t just celebrate the “117” that connects us all, oh no, go completely freakin’ nuts over the fact that our table is turning forty this year, as well!

Get your mind blown in this dreamy little city as we attend one of the most beautiful locations far and wide for our superfancy gala night. And for those who need a couple of days extra in order to prepare for all that glorious awesomeness we are working on a pretty wild and unforgettable pretour that will take you to a couple of wonderful locations in Northern Germany.

Not to brag here, but we will take you

  • to four German tables within four days so you can get a good taste of our culture, our food and of course of our beer!
  • to a posh island in a fancy jet!
  • into our homes and we will take care of you like you are not only a brother, but family!
  • to some awesome home parties and BBQs!
  • to a very dignified chairman’s meeting with very dignified Chairmen!
  • to a sublime gala night in one of Hanover‘s most iconic buildings
  • to a tasty and rich farewell brunch, because, you know, all good things come to an end.

So get your hopes high and your butts up and prepare for the han(g)over of a lifetime!


Yours in Table,
RT 117 Hanover